Ouran High School Host Club Chapter 63

The chapter begins with a flash back of Tamaki’s past. It seems that his mother is sick and his father comforted him. Tamaki wonders why is father isn’t always there, so they can become a real family. Tamaki realizes that it is January 4th and runs out of the house to the shrine to meet up with everyone in the Host Club. It’s a good thing his dog woke him up. Everyone tells him he’s late and then there’s a odd conversation between Haruhi and Tamaki, but Hikaru cuts in their odd conversation.

Hikaru and Mei wonder why Haruhi isn’t wearing a kimono and she tells them they’re hard to move in.
Tamki is troubled because of what happened at the twin’s party a few days back. Haruhi and Mei go somewhere to buy something. Hikaru challenges Tamaki in a ‘Who can make Haruhi the happiest here at the shops in Asasuka game’. Tamaki rejects, but Hikaru thinks he’s scared that he’s going to lose. Tamaki also tells them that he loves Haruhi. Everyone in the Host Club joins in the game, but Kouya makes it more interesting.

Tamaki and Haruhi have a conversation and he fives her a ootoro ring for a present. Then he suddenly grabs her like they’re about to kiss!! But Tamaki says sorry and Haruhi runs away. Tamaki chases after her, but can’t find her. Haruhi has been KIDNAPPED!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. ze Said:

    Excuse me, can I ask where to download it? Thanks

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