Nabari no Ou episode 20 – RAW

Okay since I’m lazy today, I will just tell you guys the main exciting parts of this episode.

Thobari-sensei is in the woods that he had many memories in. It seems that he saved Miharu 10 years ago from everyone from killing him since he had the Shironbansho or however you spell it. Miharu and Yoite are still on the road. They visit that Izumi and ask them to help release the Shiranbansho. Yukimi is looking for them still. It seems that one of those guys at the end of ep 19 blew up a building. Izumi is inside Miharu’s mind and looking for stuff to help them. Inside Miharu, the Shiranbansho lady attacks her. Izumi gets hurt and they return. It seems those 3 guys show up at the end of the episode again and plan to steal Miharu. They beat up Yoite and almost killed him, but Miharu stopped them.


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  1. wa-chan Said:

    wow cool

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