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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu episode 7 – SUBBED

Okay. I just finished watching Nogizaka Haruka o Himitsu episode 7. It was great. It was a touching episode between father and daughter.

I’m still half asleep so I MIGHT type random stuff that makes no sense!! SORRY!!!

It was funny though when Hazuki just randomly crashed into the street pole. Anyway when Haruka’s dad came in with Hell Hound and Hazuki and Ruko started attacking them. Its mean for her dad to just think watching anime isn’t a good hobby. It’s acually a nice one. It enhances your imagination….well it did for me. I still can’t believe Yuuto thought Haruka’s mom was her elder sister. It’s pretty obvious its the mother. Haruka’s mom seems nice, but is in charge of everything especially her husband. When they finally accepted Haruka’s anime addiction I was glad. =D It was awkward how they changed the topic so quickly after that.


Nabari no Ou episode 20 – RAW

Okay since I’m lazy today, I will just tell you guys the main exciting parts of this episode.

Thobari-sensei is in the woods that he had many memories in. It seems that he saved Miharu 10 years ago from everyone from killing him since he had the Shironbansho or however you spell it. Miharu and Yoite are still on the road. They visit that Izumi and ask them to help release the Shiranbansho. Yukimi is looking for them still. It seems that one of those guys at the end of ep 19 blew up a building. Izumi is inside Miharu’s mind and looking for stuff to help them. Inside Miharu, the Shiranbansho lady attacks her. Izumi gets hurt and they return. It seems those 3 guys show up at the end of the episode again and plan to steal Miharu. They beat up Yoite and almost killed him, but Miharu stopped them.

Kirarin Revolution episode 83 – Subbed!!!

Kirarin Revolution episode 83 is finally subbed! Go check it out at veoh or youtube! Hope you enjoy it!

I My Me! Strawberry Eggs – Review

I have just finished watching I My Me! Strawberry Eggs. I have to say it is a good anime. The end was sad it was kind of like the ending of Myself; Yourself.

Overall 9
Story 9
Animation 8
Character 8
Enjoyment 10

The story kind of reminded me of Ouran High School Host Club. Haruhi had to dress up as a boy to pay her debt to the Host Club, while Amawa Hibiki had to dress up as a girl to be a athletics teacher for a school who has a principal a grudge against males due to a past relationship with a guy. Of course he will soon fall in love with one of his students which is Fuuko.

There are a lot of different characters in this anime. There is a guy who dresses up as a girl, a klutz, a cool kid, crazy old lady, two perverts, sexist principal and vice-principal, and a tough girl. I find that really interesting to bunch up a ton of different character personality. With characters like these it became really interesting.

I enjoyed all 13 episodes of it. The last episode almost made me cry but no problem! If only there was a 2nd season to this anime. There were a lot of scenes that made me lol, sad, angry and surprised. I hope you enjoy this anime like the way I enjoyed it.

Special A episode 19

In episode 19 there are two different scenes. One with Yahiro and Megumi and the other with Hikari, Kei, Akira and Tadashi. Yahiro and Megumi went out on a date. I loved her dress it was cute. Hikari was sick and acting all weird and that scared Kei.

First, I will tell you about Yahiro and Megumi’s date. Yahiro was late and made Megumi angry everytime she showed him what she wrote. Then as they passed some guy who was playing the guitar, she dragged Yahiro to him and started singing. Then after that Megumi started talking. She sounded like Rima from Shugo Chara but she isn’t. Megumi is voiced by Ayahi Takagaki while Rima is voiced by Sayuri Yahagi. Anyway Yahiro said that usually on a date someone brings lunch….all Megumi brought was sweets. After that she asked Yahiro to wait a momment and she put lipstick on. Yahiro started laughing at her and she took it off. As they were walking Megumi spotted Jun and Tsuji. They quickly went in a store and bought some accessories to disguise themselves. Megumi and Yahiro were alone together and then Tsuji and Jun found them. Yahiro lied to Tsuji and Jun about why they were together. Megumi still went with Yahiro and spoke to Tsuji and Jun that they were on a date. Tsuji and Jun’s face was just priceless. After that Megumi sang to Yahiro and I think Yahiro now has a crush on Megumi.

Now with Hikari, Kei, Tadashi and Akira. Hikari was sick so they planned to take care of her while her parents are out. When they first saw Hikari she was wrapped in a blanket and asked Kei for a hug. They were all shocked. When Kei was cooking she poked him hard and the knife almost killed them. After that Akira asked Tadashi to tie Hikari up. That didn’t keep Hikari from going to Kei. She confessed to Kei and then attacked him.

See you guys next week!

Later Reviews Coming Out Today

Special A episode 19

*Going to start 2 new airing anime*

Probably these following animes:
Kyou Kara Maou! 3rd Series
-*Insert Random Anime Here*

Shugo Chara episode 45

Okay!! Here’s episode 45 of Shugo Chara.

The episode starts off with Amu singing and Ami giving her pointers. The scene changes to the school and everyone looks happy. Then that kid from episode 2 came and running towards Amu sparkling. Must be cause he’s not wearing glasses. Amu ruins his happiness by saying “Who are you?” He tells her his name is Suzuki Sejiro and then puts back his glasses on. It seems that the Guardians are holding an audition to play the piano in a ceremony. I have to say Sayaka’s piano playing was awesome, but the girl after her played a nice soft melody. Tadase announces the winner and Sayaka thinks its her but it is the girl after her{Sorry!!! Couldn’t get the name quick enough not matter how many times I replay it!} Sayaka complains that she is the one who was supposed to win, but Rima pops in and tells her something cold. It seems that Tadase also announced that Amu is going to sing and then a bunch of girls and boys with those bandages that say Amu on it come up. It seems that Amu is extremely shocked by all this. The scene changes back to Amu and Ami singing. Then there was chorus practice. Tadase is conducting them and everyone stops singing because Suzuki was singing bad and trying too hard. Amu catches Suzuki practicing by himself and gives him pointers. Then Yaya and Rima come to drag Amu away. The piano girl approached Suzuki once Amu, Rima and Yaya left. After that Suzuki becomes better in the chorus and they walk home together after school. Looks like she might have a crush on him. During chorus practice piano girl made a mistake a asked to if they redo it over again. Sayaka then comes and takes over her part. After practice Amu tries to talk to her, but she runs away. The piano girl had to much negative energy that her character egg turned into a X, then hatched to become a x character. Suzuki tries to approach her and save her. The guardians find Suzuki on the floor and Tadase tells them to transform now, but Amu says not yet. Suzuki gets up and still tries to talk to her. Amu pops in and then character transforms right next to him. Her egg gets purified and Suzuki thinks that Amu’s cheerleading outfit is some sort of colsplay. The show happens and Amu gets a solo, but in order for her to have the guts to do the solo, Ran had to character change with her.

See you guys next week for Shugo Chara episode 46!!

Shai – Massara Blue Jeans

Hey Masara Blue Jeans is in English. Some part you can’t understand, but still its good! Hope you enjoy…The girl in the bg while she’s singing is hilarious.

C-ute – Edo no Temariuta II

I find C-ute’s newest single very interesting. I have never heard anything like it before. I love the song, but the english lyrics are just weird. I was also glad to hear a solo from everyone. It’s been a while since I hear Aihara Kanna get a solo, and Erika. I love their costumes. My favorite is Erika’s. Mai’s costume has a very cute costume. I didn’t even notice Saki in the video. I was wondering where she was until someone pointed her out on the comments. I was really shocked. She looks extremely different than how she does in her other videos. Airi looks very lady-like in that costume. Maimi’s costume is very unique its looks like a kimono…maybe it is. Watch the video below if you want! =D

Ouran High School Host Club Chapter 63

The chapter begins with a flash back of Tamaki’s past. It seems that his mother is sick and his father comforted him. Tamaki wonders why is father isn’t always there, so they can become a real family. Tamaki realizes that it is January 4th and runs out of the house to the shrine to meet up with everyone in the Host Club. It’s a good thing his dog woke him up. Everyone tells him he’s late and then there’s a odd conversation between Haruhi and Tamaki, but Hikaru cuts in their odd conversation.

Hikaru and Mei wonder why Haruhi isn’t wearing a kimono and she tells them they’re hard to move in.
Tamki is troubled because of what happened at the twin’s party a few days back. Haruhi and Mei go somewhere to buy something. Hikaru challenges Tamaki in a ‘Who can make Haruhi the happiest here at the shops in Asasuka game’. Tamaki rejects, but Hikaru thinks he’s scared that he’s going to lose. Tamaki also tells them that he loves Haruhi. Everyone in the Host Club joins in the game, but Kouya makes it more interesting.

Tamaki and Haruhi have a conversation and he fives her a ootoro ring for a present. Then he suddenly grabs her like they’re about to kiss!! But Tamaki says sorry and Haruhi runs away. Tamaki chases after her, but can’t find her. Haruhi has been KIDNAPPED!!!!!!!!!!

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