Princess Princess episode 1

The episode starts off with a boy named Toru Kouno who transfers into a all boys school. A flash back was shown of him and his uncle telling Toru that he has to transfer schools. His uncle says that he’s sorry for making him suddenly transfer schools, but Toru is okay with it since that school was his 1st choice. One his way to his 1st day of school a girl jumps out of a tree and lands right in front of him. Little does he know that it is actually a girl. Wow….he doesn’t actually look half bad as a girl. I’ve gotta say that he somewhat looks a little like Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. Just make his hair a little more pinkish and he’ll probably look just like her.

The opening is not as catchy as the other openings that I have used to see in animes, but it is probably because I haven’t listened to it good enough. The “girl” runs away and Toru is still trying to figure out who “she” is. The teacher starts telling Toru how beautiful he is and how popular he must have been before he transfered to the school. Toru is of course confused about all this and probably thinks the teacher is a pervert. When the teacher introduces him to the class all the boys start staring and blushing at him. I was laughing a little at that. It was hillarious when Toru thought the person sitting next to him, Shihoudani, is a girl.

I was laughing my head off when Toru found out that the “girl” was actually a guy. He’s actually his new roommate. Hopefully they’ll get along! It was also funny when Shihoudani came in dressed up as a girl. It was also hillarious when he gave a angel’s smile and Toru was complimenting Sakamoto instead of him. Toru was told that he’ll be a princess. To tell you the truth, the Student Council President is SCARY!!!!! T_T It’s like Toru can’t say no to him.



  1. siara Said:

    where can i find tha anime series online?

  2. on

  3. muy yuy Said:

    …please sand me episodes of cool anime OK and romantic…
    …OK thank you…

  4. muy yuy Said:

    please sand me episodes of romantic and cool anime pleasssssssse Ok….

  5. Sakura Said:

    hello i want yours be

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