Mantantei Loki Ragnarok episode 1


I’ll have to say I’m loving this anime so far. I have to say the kid named Loki is really cute and the girl named Mayura is funny. The first episode has this spooky suspense theme. It’s about this doll who’s owner died in a fire and she thinks she’s abandoned. Mayura loves suspense and Loki thinks she’s just weird. The ending of the episode was funny. I loved it and you should seriously watch this 😀



  1. Mayura Said:

    well,i love it aswell but is there a season 2 coming up next…
    i hate the very last episode bit where a a camera zoom in a strange girl named ‘spica’….T_T that was fenrir,hel and yamino’s mother.
    but i saw information about mayura in wikipedia and says ‘loki’s faithful wife’..
    I wish theres season 2

  2. LiaM-JoN Said:

    there might be season 2,i dunno..hmmm.
    i didn’t like spica too i thought mayura and loki are gonna get married at the end and lived happily ever after…THE END!
    hmm,hel kinda looks like mayura on the pink haired bit.
    i checked the wikipedia too and it says ‘There is a speculation that Mayura symbolizes Sigyn, Loki’s faithful wife.’
    i wonder wat dat means.

  3. Anon Said:

    At first, it seemed like a good idea. Mayura being the reincarnation of Sigyn. Now though, it seems awful. It’s about a human and a god. That a god could love a human and go so far. I hope the author does not change that because of increasing fan support of Sigyn. Whom in Norse Mythology almost nothing is known about.

    I wonder though about Hel. I read that she chose to look that way to symbolize Mayura as best she could. So, that she could have her fathers affections. It seems hard to believe, but Hel does seem to go all out for her father. So, it’s speculation at this point.

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