Special A episode 18 – SUBBED

Special A episode 18 is mostly a TadashixAkira episode. Hopefully there will  be some progress before the animes ends. If there isn’t let’s hope that there’s a 2nd season! The episode begins with Akira having a few flashbacks and of course slapping Tadashi and running away. In this episode you can finally hear Megumi’s voice! It is kind of cute in some way. Akira crashes into Sakura while running away from Tadashi and starts to cry.

When the Special class was in Club Kokusen it kind of reminded me of Ouran High School Host club. Especially the screaming fans. Everyone was enjoying themselves, but Kei. Poor Kei! 😦 He should seriously just confess to Hikari already. It also seems that Tadashi and Akira were childhood friends. Poor Tadashi, he can’t concentrate because he’s thinking of Akira. When Hikari dresed up as I boy I couldn’t stop laughing.

When Sakura attacked that guy for lying about his age{I think}. I was thinkin’ ‘Wow! If she was real and I was her friend, I wouldn’t be caught lying to her’. Tadashi comes to the marriage interview thanks to Kei and apologizes to Akira. Akira has a few flashbacks of Tadashi and says that she’s the one who’s supposed to apologize. When Sakura was beating Tadashi to death I was like NO!!! IF YOU KILL HIM AKIRA WON’T FORGIVE YOU!!!! Yahiro and Tadashi have a chat about the past when Tadashi and Akira snuck out of Yahiro’s birthday party. Akira goes on with the same flashback and admits that she has always loved Tadashi ever since that day. Akira finally apologizes and Tadashi takes her out. The background music was nice. When Jun complimented Sakura I was screaming. I was like omg! Jun is starting to develop a crush on Sakura ever since she said that she loves both sides of him. Hikari’s ridiculous costume catches on fire and Kei comes to the rescue!

They both fall into the fountain! It seems that Tadashi and Akira came back to the spot where they went when they were little. What a nice view. Akira seems to have taught Tadashi how to dance when they were little. Tadashi overheard Akira confessing to him{well not directly at him} while she was buying juice and he was surprised. She ran away then went back and attacked Tadashi then told the truth.

You’d think Tadashi and Akira will kiss, but they don’t! They just hug. It also seems that Tadashi confessed to Akira when they were little, but when Akira wanted to know what he said he didn’t want to tell her. How stubborn -_-. Hikari lost to Kei and can’t remove the annoying pyon accent. Tadashi got beaten up by Akira after holding her hand so they can get inside the greenhouse. How cute! Except the part where Tadashi got beaten up.

Stay tuned to next week’s episode!

It seems that Megumi has a crush on Yahiro. I wonder how that will go since she doesn’t talk.


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  1. shana Said:

    ganda talaga s.a no

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