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Tales of Symphonia ~ 1st Episode Review

I found this anime really interesting. It’s about a girl named Collect who’s on a journey to find peace for the country. In the first few seconds it was pretty obvious Lloyd and Collect had a crush on each other. During the action scenes it looked like it was a game, but you weren’t really playing it. I was really impressed with the graphics and I’m planning to continue watching this OVA.


Madlax ~ 1st Episode Review


Cool graphics. The song is very calm. I like it, but not enough to make me download it. The opening introduces all of the characters like it always does in most animes. I loved the flute solo towards the end of the opening.


The episode was pretty awesome. Madlax kicked some major butt out in the field. Too bad in the end she lost her date, but accomplished her mission. During the fighting scene the song was awesome. It sure added drama.


The ending is also calm and interesting.


I’m going to continue watching this anime. I can’t wait to see who Madlax beats up next! XD

King of Bandit Jing ~ 1st Episode Review

Well, I’ll have to admit. The episode was hawt. Jing looks really cool in the 1st ep. I’m going to continue watching this and find out what happens next. It was sorta funny since the crow, Kir, was like after young girls and Jing was just like slicing everyone up. The first episode was sorta like a introduction of how Jing works. I’m hoping to find that the battle scenes will be longer and more cooler. It was also funny how the stupid bandits thought it would be good to make a hot air balloon out of their clothes. lol. I mean were they actually planning to steal something naked?? I mean come on!! Use your common scense.

La Corda D’Oro ~primo passo~ Review

I was speechless!!!!!! I LOVE THAT ANIME!!!!!! Most of the actions that the characters did was unpredictable! I was like squeeling the whole time since there was a live pentagon/square/triangle at different points of the anime. I can’t wait for the second season.

The characters were all introduced in the beginning of the anime and you can quickly figure out their personality, but once you get to know them a little better your opinion on them change. Like, you would never guess that Tsuchiura Ryotaro plays the piano. At first you would be like, “Oh. He doesn’t play a instrument, so I guess there might not be a lot of stuff happening between him and Hino Kahoko.” Then all of a sudden you figure out he plays the piano extremely well that you are stunned. Then there’s the cold hearted dude, Tsukimori Len. At first you might be like oh I hate that guy, but for me right away I thought that him and Hino should go out. Most animes do that like Gakuen Alice, NatsumeXMikan forever….anyway back to La Corda D’Oro ~primo passo~. His heart slowly becomes kinder thanks to Hino’s words and stuff. You would also think Lili would be in the anime more and do more things, but he/she doesn’t.  Some fairy he/she is.

The story was really good. You normally don’t see a lot of animes with compeitive music in it. Usually its like animes that have cute high school girls transform and save the world or violence and stuff. This anime was actually different. No one was there to say “TENSHI. I’m here to save the world cause I’m ______” or “You killed him! DIE!”. There was no fighting involved in this anime! =D All of the songs the characters played in this anime was classical. If you guys don’t enjoy classical music then I guess you shouldn’t watch this anime, but who doesn’t like classical music? XD Anyway anyone who loves music, romance or drama should watch this anime. Seriously!!!

Koihime†Musou – Episode 1 & 2

Alright!! I’m going to start another new anime called Koihime†Musou! =D

Here the synopsis!

This anime is loosely based on the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Having lost her family to bandits during night raid, Kanu swears, she will not let others share the same pain. She quickly becomes a well-known and feared by villains bandit hunter. During her journey she comes across others, who wish to join her cause. One of them is a girl RinRin, who had similar experience with bandits in the past.


The Opening seems to be really up beat and catchy. Seems like most of the main characters will be boys. Who knows if there will be romance in it.

Episode 1

Alright. Before I say anything about the first episode…The grapics are really werid….I mean look at this guy’s freakishly huge nose!! O_O And the fat guy with the axe’s funny face XD

The first episode was really cute-ish, but also a lil ecchi in the middle. This anime is really good so far!! I’ll continue it some more. Koime and Rin Rin set off their adventure to change the world!! =D


The ending is really cute and up-beat…I HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT!! XD

Episode 2

Well episode 1 didn’t disappoint me. Let’s see what happens in episode 2! Episode two was a bit funny, adventurous and surprising. After watching the second episode I still recommend watching Koihime†Musou!! =D

Where to Watch Koihime†Musou

You can watch it on

Natsume Yuujinchou Review

I’ll have to say overall this anime is great. It reminded me a little about spirited away and the characters are really amazing. In every episode there’s always a new spirit waiting for Natsume. The ending was great. All the spirits he befriended/met came back. The ending song for the last episode was very soothing. I seriously hope there’s a 2nd season. If there isn’t then I’ll be extremely sad. 😦

I My Me! Strawberry Eggs – Review

I have just finished watching I My Me! Strawberry Eggs. I have to say it is a good anime. The end was sad it was kind of like the ending of Myself; Yourself.

Overall 9
Story 9
Animation 8
Character 8
Enjoyment 10

The story kind of reminded me of Ouran High School Host Club. Haruhi had to dress up as a boy to pay her debt to the Host Club, while Amawa Hibiki had to dress up as a girl to be a athletics teacher for a school who has a principal a grudge against males due to a past relationship with a guy. Of course he will soon fall in love with one of his students which is Fuuko.

There are a lot of different characters in this anime. There is a guy who dresses up as a girl, a klutz, a cool kid, crazy old lady, two perverts, sexist principal and vice-principal, and a tough girl. I find that really interesting to bunch up a ton of different character personality. With characters like these it became really interesting.

I enjoyed all 13 episodes of it. The last episode almost made me cry but no problem! If only there was a 2nd season to this anime. There were a lot of scenes that made me lol, sad, angry and surprised. I hope you enjoy this anime like the way I enjoyed it.

Princess Princess – REVIEW

I personally enjoyed the anime, Princess Princess. It had comedy and drama. I basically laughed during each episode. I recommend this anime to you!!!!


I rate this anime a 10/10. The story was not the best, but it kind of reminded me of Ouran High School Host Club, when Haruhi had to dress up as a boy to continue working to pay her debt to the Host Club. The characters are hilarious. Toru is the main character who is a boy who transfered into the all boys school during the middle of the term and is nominated to be a Princess along with Mikoto and Yujirou. Mikoto is a boy who doesn’t want to be a princess. Even though he has no choice, but to become a princess. He has a girlfriend named Megumi and doesn’t want her to find out about him being a princess. Of course he couldn’t hide it forever and Megumi respected it. Yujirou is a guy who doesn’t care if he’s a princess or not. He pretended to be Toru’s girlfriend{or should I say boyfriend} so Toru’s cousin, Sayaka can leave him alone. Who ever heard of a cousin wanting to marry a cousin, so getting rid of the competition the cousin kills his/her girlfriend/boyfriend to have him/her all to her/his self. I loved this anime so much I couldn’t believe it was over after the 12th episode. It was short but worth the watch. Hope you enjoy the anime as much as I did!

Princess Princess UPDATE

After the 1st episode it makes me curious to know what will happen next. In my opinion I would say NOT to DROP this anime. I will stop blogging Princess Princess episodes. After the 12th episode I will give a review about my opinion.