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Natsume Yuujinchou Review

I’ll have to say overall this anime is great. It reminded me a little about spirited away and the characters are really amazing. In every episode there’s always a new spirit waiting for Natsume. The ending was great. All the spirits he befriended/met came back. The ending song for the last episode was very soothing. I seriously hope there’s a 2nd season. If there isn’t then I’ll be extremely sad. 😦


Princess Princess – REVIEW

I personally enjoyed the anime, Princess Princess. It had comedy and drama. I basically laughed during each episode. I recommend this anime to you!!!!


I rate this anime a 10/10. The story was not the best, but it kind of reminded me of Ouran High School Host Club, when Haruhi had to dress up as a boy to continue working to pay her debt to the Host Club. The characters are hilarious. Toru is the main character who is a boy who transfered into the all boys school during the middle of the term and is nominated to be a Princess along with Mikoto and Yujirou. Mikoto is a boy who doesn’t want to be a princess. Even though he has no choice, but to become a princess. He has a girlfriend named Megumi and doesn’t want her to find out about him being a princess. Of course he couldn’t hide it forever and Megumi respected it. Yujirou is a guy who doesn’t care if he’s a princess or not. He pretended to be Toru’s girlfriend{or should I say boyfriend} so Toru’s cousin, Sayaka can leave him alone. Who ever heard of a cousin wanting to marry a cousin, so getting rid of the competition the cousin kills his/her girlfriend/boyfriend to have him/her all to her/his self. I loved this anime so much I couldn’t believe it was over after the 12th episode. It was short but worth the watch. Hope you enjoy the anime as much as I did!