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Shugo Chara Doki! episode 5

Hey guys. I had an audition today and I have an audition tomorrow, so no screenies today again =(

So yeah, we all know that Nagihiko comes back hopefully as the new Jack’s chair. Nagihiko tells Kukai that she is actually a he and he freaks out. Amu was really happy to see Nagihiko again. Amu gets rollerskates and skates in the sky. The preview is hilarious XD See you next week and this time with screenies!!


Natsume Yuujinchou Review

I’ll have to say overall this anime is great. It reminded me a little about spirited away and the characters are really amazing. In every episode there’s always a new spirit waiting for Natsume. The ending was great. All the spirits he befriended/met came back. The ending song for the last episode was very soothing. I seriously hope there’s a 2nd season. If there isn’t then I’ll be extremely sad. 😦