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Canvas 2 ~ Dropping

I am dropping Canvas 2 because the anime was moving too slow for me. I’ve watched animes where the realtive falls in love with the main guy character who is either their brother or cousin. For me, the cousin was getting on my nerves. It was like she was like “Get away from him you old hag.” Then she refuses to do stuff like a stubborn gurl. Actually she has an advantage. She lives with him. Why doesn’t she just make a move on him? I mean its pretty easy as 1 2 3. Unless the guy is like get away from me and crap like that.


Canvas 2 – Episode 1

I think I’ll start watching Canvas 2. People say its a really good anime, so I watched to check it out myself. Here’s the synopsis.

Kamikura Hiroki is an art student at the local school Nadesico Achedemy (High School and college level) whom intends tends to be an art teacher in the future. He is also the advisor to the high school arts society where his cousin, Housen Ellse attends. While Ellse is a painter like Hiroki, Hiroki seems to have given up on his dreams and no longer paints. There appears to be some mysterious trauma in the both of their pasts which may have changed them. Meanwhile, the high school hires a new PE teacher, Kikyo Kiri. On the first day, she bumps into Hiroki and is stunned. Here is the boy she confessed to and he refused her…

(Source: ANN)


The opening is really catchy. It sounds really nice. I’ll have to remember to put it on my plan to watch list. The episode begins in a flashback dream of a girl confessing to Kamikura Hiroki. When he turns he finds Elis Housen on sleeping on his bed. It is the opening ceremony for the freshman and Hiroki attends with Elis. He then has a flashback of Elis and her parents having a accident with a truck when she was little. In the library Hiroki meets up with his friend, Kana Hagino, whom he hasn’t seen for a while. She saw him and Elis walking to school together and she asks him questions and she typed them on her laptop. On their way home, Elis sees a lot of red and becomes scared. At the end of the episode Elis and Hiroki see the girl that he rejected.