La Corda D’Oro ~primo passo~ Review

I was speechless!!!!!! I LOVE THAT ANIME!!!!!! Most of the actions that the characters did was unpredictable! I was like squeeling the whole time since there was a live pentagon/square/triangle at different points of the anime. I can’t wait for the second season.

The characters were all introduced in the beginning of the anime and you can quickly figure out their personality, but once you get to know them a little better your opinion on them change. Like, you would never guess that Tsuchiura Ryotaro plays the piano. At first you would be like, “Oh. He doesn’t play a instrument, so I guess there might not be a lot of stuff happening between him and Hino Kahoko.” Then all of a sudden you figure out he plays the piano extremely well that you are stunned. Then there’s the cold hearted dude, Tsukimori Len. At first you might be like oh I hate that guy, but for me right away I thought that him and Hino should go out. Most animes do that like Gakuen Alice, NatsumeXMikan forever….anyway back to La Corda D’Oro ~primo passo~. His heart slowly becomes kinder thanks to Hino’s words and stuff. You would also think Lili would be in the anime more and do more things, but he/she doesn’t.  Some fairy he/she is.

The story was really good. You normally don’t see a lot of animes with compeitive music in it. Usually its like animes that have cute high school girls transform and save the world or violence and stuff. This anime was actually different. No one was there to say “TENSHI. I’m here to save the world cause I’m ______” or “You killed him! DIE!”. There was no fighting involved in this anime! =D All of the songs the characters played in this anime was classical. If you guys don’t enjoy classical music then I guess you shouldn’t watch this anime, but who doesn’t like classical music? XD Anyway anyone who loves music, romance or drama should watch this anime. Seriously!!!


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