Itazura na Kiss episode 22 – RAW

Anyway Kotoko is so happy that Non-chan agreed to have that surgery. Yuuki visits Non-chan and then Non-chan teases Kotoko. Kotoko and Irie plan to meet at a hotel after Irie gets out of work. On her way to the hotel someone gets into a accident, so she helps and blood stains on her dress. Then on her way her clothes and hair get messed up. They’re in the hotel room and Irie gives Mrs. Irie comes in disguise again and gives Irie a bunch of roses to give to Kotoko. They kiss

Cute. They also have sex later on. After that Kotoko is all happy of what happened the other day on her b-day. Then Kotoko feels sick or something and Irie says that she’s pregnant…I think.


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