D.Gray Man episode 3

I started watching D.Gray Man 8 days ago, but I couldn’t watch the episodes cause of school -_-. Since I already watched episode 1 and 2; I will just write about 3. If you guys don’t want to know what happens in episode 3, then you don’t have to read this if you don’t want to. I started this anime because it looked really interesting and the synopsis draw me in again. I also saw that the anime is still airing after 2 years…To bad it will have to end with 103 episodes on September 30, 2008.

Towards the end of the 19th century, Allen Walker officially joins the organization of Exorcists that destroy the beings known as Akuma; mechanic weapons made by the Millienium Earl with the suffering souls of the dead. Allen has both a cursed eye and an anti-Akuma weapon as an arm, bearing the power of “Innocence”, a gift given to him as an apostle of God. Allen, along with his fellow Exorcists must put a stop to the Milleniuum Earl’s ultimate plot that could lead to the destruction of the world and all who live on it.


I have to say that the 1st opening is hawt. I love the sound. I totally gotta add that to my mp3 later. =P Just when the episode was starting I had to laugh my head off. The cook is….gay….lol. Man, does Allen like to eat. He named a lot of food just for one serving. lol. Where does he all put it??? HE’S SO DAMN SKINNY!!! lol. It seems that Yuu Kanda desturbed the finders, the people who support the exorcists. One of the finders named Buzz was talking about their dead friend and Yuu was all like you’re gonna ruin my appeitite and then he was all like you finders failed to be exorcists. You’re all losers then all of the finders start to attack Yuu. Allen interrupts and then they there’s fake flames around them. It seems that Allen is gonna have his first mission. Yay! Can’t wait to see this one. Anyway I don’t wanna spoil it for you….Episode 4 continues episode 4.

You can find all of the D.Gray Man episodes here.


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  1. Deatiny Said:

    Try the manga if tou can get a hold of it They have bunches at most bulic libraries and you can check them out I personly LOVE D.Gray-man

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