I My Me! Strawberry Eggs – Review

I have just finished watching I My Me! Strawberry Eggs. I have to say it is a good anime. The end was sad it was kind of like the ending of Myself; Yourself.

Overall 9
Story 9
Animation 8
Character 8
Enjoyment 10

The story kind of reminded me of Ouran High School Host Club. Haruhi had to dress up as a boy to pay her debt to the Host Club, while Amawa Hibiki had to dress up as a girl to be a athletics teacher for a school who has a principal a grudge against males due to a past relationship with a guy. Of course he will soon fall in love with one of his students which is Fuuko.

There are a lot of different characters in this anime. There is a guy who dresses up as a girl, a klutz, a cool kid, crazy old lady, two perverts, sexist principal and vice-principal, and a tough girl. I find that really interesting to bunch up a ton of different character personality. With characters like these it became really interesting.

I enjoyed all 13 episodes of it. The last episode almost made me cry but no problem! If only there was a 2nd season to this anime. There were a lot of scenes that made me lol, sad, angry and surprised. I hope you enjoy this anime like the way I enjoyed it.


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