Special A episode 19

In episode 19 there are two different scenes. One with Yahiro and Megumi and the other with Hikari, Kei, Akira and Tadashi. Yahiro and Megumi went out on a date. I loved her dress it was cute. Hikari was sick and acting all weird and that scared Kei.

First, I will tell you about Yahiro and Megumi’s date. Yahiro was late and made Megumi angry everytime she showed him what she wrote. Then as they passed some guy who was playing the guitar, she dragged Yahiro to him and started singing. Then after that Megumi started talking. She sounded like Rima from Shugo Chara but she isn’t. Megumi is voiced by Ayahi Takagaki while Rima is voiced by Sayuri Yahagi. Anyway Yahiro said that usually on a date someone brings lunch….all Megumi brought was sweets. After that she asked Yahiro to wait a momment and she put lipstick on. Yahiro started laughing at her and she took it off. As they were walking Megumi spotted Jun and Tsuji. They quickly went in a store and bought some accessories to disguise themselves. Megumi and Yahiro were alone together and then Tsuji and Jun found them. Yahiro lied to Tsuji and Jun about why they were together. Megumi still went with Yahiro and spoke to Tsuji and Jun that they were on a date. Tsuji and Jun’s face was just priceless. After that Megumi sang to Yahiro and I think Yahiro now has a crush on Megumi.

Now with Hikari, Kei, Tadashi and Akira. Hikari was sick so they planned to take care of her while her parents are out. When they first saw Hikari she was wrapped in a blanket and asked Kei for a hug. They were all shocked. When Kei was cooking she poked him hard and the knife almost killed them. After that Akira asked Tadashi to tie Hikari up. That didn’t keep Hikari from going to Kei. She confessed to Kei and then attacked him.

See you guys next week!


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