Shugo Chara episode 45

Okay!! Here’s episode 45 of Shugo Chara.

The episode starts off with Amu singing and Ami giving her pointers. The scene changes to the school and everyone looks happy. Then that kid from episode 2 came and running towards Amu sparkling. Must be cause he’s not wearing glasses. Amu ruins his happiness by saying “Who are you?” He tells her his name is Suzuki Sejiro and then puts back his glasses on. It seems that the Guardians are holding an audition to play the piano in a ceremony. I have to say Sayaka’s piano playing was awesome, but the girl after her played a nice soft melody. Tadase announces the winner and Sayaka thinks its her but it is the girl after her{Sorry!!! Couldn’t get the name quick enough not matter how many times I replay it!} Sayaka complains that she is the one who was supposed to win, but Rima pops in and tells her something cold. It seems that Tadase also announced that Amu is going to sing and then a bunch of girls and boys with those bandages that say Amu on it come up. It seems that Amu is extremely shocked by all this. The scene changes back to Amu and Ami singing. Then there was chorus practice. Tadase is conducting them and everyone stops singing because Suzuki was singing bad and trying too hard. Amu catches Suzuki practicing by himself and gives him pointers. Then Yaya and Rima come to drag Amu away. The piano girl approached Suzuki once Amu, Rima and Yaya left. After that Suzuki becomes better in the chorus and they walk home together after school. Looks like she might have a crush on him. During chorus practice piano girl made a mistake a asked to if they redo it over again. Sayaka then comes and takes over her part. After practice Amu tries to talk to her, but she runs away. The piano girl had to much negative energy that her character egg turned into a X, then hatched to become a x character. Suzuki tries to approach her and save her. The guardians find Suzuki on the floor and Tadase tells them to transform now, but Amu says not yet. Suzuki gets up and still tries to talk to her. Amu pops in and then character transforms right next to him. Her egg gets purified and Suzuki thinks that Amu’s cheerleading outfit is some sort of colsplay. The show happens and Amu gets a solo, but in order for her to have the guts to do the solo, Ran had to character change with her.

See you guys next week for Shugo Chara episode 46!!


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