Kirarin Revolution episode 83 – RAW

Here’s Kirarin Revolution episode 83. This episode is about Mio and Mao, the twins. Kirari sees them again and invites them over to her company. There Mio and Mao tell the SHIP’s manager and Kumoi that they were instructed by Black Wood’s director to ruin KiraPika. Kumoi tells Mio and Mao about a competition on the internet. It seems that Super Nova have accepted to compete in it and that is when Kirari, Mio and Mao plan to work had on it. Kirari and Naa-san start off with volleyball which the twins didn’t do well on.

Then they did the next course which was rope climbing. That didn’t do too well either. Poor twins!

Kirari tells the twins to keep doing their best, but Mio and Mao tell her no matter how much they do their best they won’t be able to complete the task that is given to them. Then Mio and Mao have a twin battle. Kumoi, SHIPS’ director and Seji walk in on their training. Meanwhile, Mio and Mao have a rock, paper, scissors battle.

Kumoi tells Kirari how its useless to work with them, but Kirari still hasn’t given up on them. Later, Kirari has a serious talk with the twins. Then the twins prepare seriously about the competition. The next day is the competition

Kirari, Mio and Mao pass the 1st course easily thanks to their practice. Good thing they did too. I wouldn’t want to fall into that green stuff which is probably slime.

The next task is to carry tofu in a bag and grab a daikon and peel it.

Next they have to climb over which seems to be a rock that is rectangular shaped and huge.

Their next course is to walk over a log which more looks like one of those long spaghetti strands.

Hahaha, next they have to grab on mushrooms to the other side. This is probably a food competition. Mio and Mao start to slip, but they hang on. They three of them reach the finish line, but the winner is…………*dramatic music plays*…………….Mao and Mio. They reached the finish line at the same time. Hiroto in America saw a bunch of mushrooms which reminded him of Kirari….AWW


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