Itazura Na Kiss episode 18 – RAW

Here it is everyone! Itazura na Kiss episode 18!! It just came out today! =D

The episode starts off with Kotoko remembering important things to become a nurse and Yuki is helping her. Chris is still trying to win Kinnosuke’s heart by working with him. Kotoko and Irie are eating lunch together with her classmates crash.

It seems that Keita and Irie are jealous of each other. Irie is jealous of him spending time with Kotoko and trying to steal her heart; Keita is jealous of Irie for marrying Kotoko. LOVE BATTLE!! WHO WILL WIN!? My bet is on Irie all the way!!! During the middle of the episode, Kotoko has fainted due to a practice surgery. Keita rushes her to the medical room.

Irie finds out about it not too long after Kotoko was rushed to the nurse’s office. Keita takes off Kotoko’s mask that they ware during surgery and finds her cute. He leans in to steal a kiss from Kotoko, but Irie barges in and interrupts! Go Irie! Don’t let anyone steal her kiss!

Kotoko finally wakes up and goes home with Keita. Irie visits the nurse’s office but finds her missing! O_O On their way home Kotoko meets up with her mother-in-law and walks home with her. The next day her mother-in-law snoops around to find out who this Keita person is. She accidentally falls and Keita stops her fall. Kotoko and Irie have a fight in front of everyone in the cafeteria. Kotoko and her friends hang out with eachother. Irie pretends he doesn’t care about Kotoko and his mother asks where she is. At the end of the episode Keita hugs Kotoko!!! O_O


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