Nabari no Ou episode 19

Short episode recap: Yoite is back in the hospital after the attack on Thobari-sensei of the scroll. Well Yukimi was attacking Thobari-sensei while Yoite was protecting him. Yoite overheard that he has about 1 month left to live and he runs away. Miharu looks for him and finally finds him and tells him he’ll grant his wish.

The episode begins with Yukimi and his sister Kazuho talking about how Yoite and Miharu disappeared. After the the talk between Yoite and Miharu saying that Miharu will grant his wish and that Yoite doesn’t want to die they return to the hospital. Then suddenly they start talking about Gau. Gau talks about how he survived and saw a hand{it looks like Yoite’s to me} and that pulled him to regain consciousness. This will be way off with what the episode has to be about, but Yoite and Miharu look like brothers and I love the opening. Okay, I’m done! Now back to the episode. It seems once Gau returned home Yukimi and him have a argument. Probably about the mess.

It seems that once Gau dragged Yoite into the room and Miharu followed things have calmed down. They had strawberry cake.{Even though its a anime…it looks delicious.} When Gau said that he was surprised that Miharu joined their side; Miharu made a weird sign with his fingers. I think he was trying to be cute, but whatever he does, he’s cute. Poor Yoite….he looks lonely in the background.

Gau suddenly feels sorry for Yoite and asks Raikou to save him, but Raikou says he can’t do anything. Gau still won’t give up. He wants to save Yoite. {How nice!}Yukimi tells Kazuho about him and Yoite’s past. Yukimi comes home late and sees Yoite sleeping on the floor. He’s having a bad nightmare. Yukimi thinks he needs a extra blanket cause he thinks he’s cold{Just get Miharu in here and he’ll take it from there, Yukimi}. Yoite and Yukimi talk near the place where Miharu was sleeping. Miharu, of course, wakes up because of all the shouting Yukimi is doing. It seems after that Miharu and Yoite decided to run away together.

Hope to see you next week! Sorry, I couldn’t get the preview of next week’s episode.



  1. Shy Said:

    Hmmm..I see.Nice job Shai!

  2. thank you for putting up this website!

  3. Midori~chan Said:

    what does the strange sign mean? o.o

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