Fairy Tail Chapter 98

I’ve gotta say that chapter 98 of Fairy Tail was hot. They showed Natsu’s full power. If only this manga was a anime. I would definitely watch it unless it has bad voice actors. Just because of a promise that Natsu made he went crazy.

Due to his true power, he ate all of Gerard’s attacks. Talk about power. He attacked Gerard like nothing just so he can open his eyes. He also couldn’t accept the fact that Gerard made Ezra. It was still hot how he had a fiery dragon behind him.

Gerard still being held down by that evil spirit planned to take down the whole tower and rebuild it in 5 years, but Natsu stopped him. Gerard still thinking he can give everyone freedom was just fooled. That is when everyone who tagged along with Natsu found out that that is the true power of a Dragon Slayer.


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