Shugo Chara episode 44

This episode takes place during a school break. It seems like summer. There were a few episode recaps like Amu finding a diamond egg on her bed, Rima transferring into Tadase and Amu’s class, Dia turning into a X-egg, and how everyone got to finally character transform. While Rima and Amu are water the school’s garden; Rima starts to tease Amu probably about homework that she forgot to do. Amu then starts to splash water on Rima. It is good to see Rima smile. She looks like a cute doll!!!!

Seeing the recaps made me remember how much I hated Rima for manipulating the boys. When I read the manga I felt a little better about Rima. I hate the way how Rima’s parents treat her. It’s like they never want to see her smile ever again. Still Rima and Kusu Kusu’s bala-balance is cute.

There are also some of Kairi’s flashbacks with the guardians as he packs to leave and go back home. Amu must be really dense if she doesn’t realize that Kairi and Ikuto like her. Nikaidou-sensei makes a surprise visit to Yukari. They make a cute couple. The way Eru made a big deal of the following scene was hillarious

Yaya looks good with her hair down. She looks older, but probably if she does have her hair down, her baby-ish personality won’t change. T_T Her hair down is shown when she is character transforming with Pepe. You would think that Amu and Utau are cool now and instant friends, but Utau still thinks of Amu as her love rival for Ikuto. The Amuto flashback scenes made me squeal lol.

Everyone hangs out to have a drink and a few snacks. Kairi starts to have flashbacks of him and Amu. Yaya notices that he’s starting at Amu and brings it up. Amu becomes alert and Kairi tries to cover it up, but Utau tells him that she noticed it as well. Then Yukari tells Kairi to tell them the news of him going back home. Everyone sees him off at the airport. Yukari goes crying her eyes out. Kairi finally has the guts to confess to Amu that he likes her and tells Tadase that he won’t lose to him, even though it should be told to Ikuto. The way Amu took it made me laugh.

The next episode preview was hilarious. Amu forgot who her #1 fan was{To tell you the truth I don’t even remember his name.} It seems like he likes a girl who likes him who thinks he likes someone else. Probably that someone else is Amu. I’ll be doing a recap of episode 45 as well! See ya next week!!!


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  1. Sasha Said:

    Oh cool! I can’t wait till next weeks episode! Thank you for this review!

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