Shugo Chara episode 43

First off I gotta say I feel a little sad that Shugo Chara is about to end soon, but I can’t wait for the second season. The newest ending of Shugo Chara is really upbeat and sounds great.

Finally what we have all been waiting for, Amulet Dia. I’ve gotta say that I agree with some of the blogs I have read. Ikuto and Amulet Dia’s character transformation is similar. The transformation with Dia was flashy.

Amulet Dia

Amulet Dia

When Ami showed up I couldn’t help but laugh about it. Everyone was surprised, but Ami was the one who put Utau back on her feet!

Ami showed up at the wrong time

Ami showed up at the wrong time

Ami Runing to Utau

I feel bad for Utau though, but her character transformation with Eru was cute. She looks like a angel that has came from heaven. Even though I love the rock/emo-ish style of the songs Utau usually sings, I still love the song that she sang.

Character Transformation, Angelic Charm

Character Transformation, Angelic Charm

The way Amu and Utau worked together was so cool. Even though Utau has wings; Amu also looks like she has wings. The shiny egg that has been appearing the last couple of episodes must be the Embryo. If it isn’t I’m going to jump off a cliff.{Just kidding! =P} I was a bit sad when Dia had to go back to sleep and wait to hatch again.

The review for Shugo Chara episode 44 will be here soon!!!



  1. leeann Said:

    this is not the last episode of the first season of
    shugo chara.
    the first season has 51 episodes.
    how do i know?
    i watched all of the first season of shugo chara.

  2. I know. So did I. I just couldn’t keep up since it was during the summer.

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